Outboard Engine Service

We specialize in full service, repair and regular scheduled maintenance on your Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda or Mercury outboard boat motor. This crucial, preventative medicine for your high performance outboard engine should be done every 500 hours/5 years.  It will "reboot" your engine giving you more power and gas savings! Plus, it prevents potentially FATAL engine damage!

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Outboard Motor Diagnostics & Repair

We are the DOCTORS you should call for Outboard Engines!  When no one else can diagnose your problem, we likely can!  We take the time and have the expert knowledge to LISTEN to your engine.  Plus, we use computer software on-site to read the engine computer and running stats.  We also have the ability, knowledge & expertise to rebuild an engine, top to bottom!

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Steering & Electrical

Sluggish or stuck steering? We can service or repair your hydraulic steering system to like new condition!  Is it shot? We can change it out with the most up to date model, even if it means lifting the outboard to do so!  Electrical problems?  We memorize wiring colors so we can diagnose, on site, any issues you may have!  Whether it be as simple as a grounding problem or battery cables, we can fix it!

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Since 2011

Our Company Message

We established Tri County Mobile Marine in 2011 to fulfill a need & desire in the Charleston Metro area that was going unnoticed and unfulfilled.  So many folks were sick and tired of having their boats locked down and out of service for 2, 4 sometimes 6 weeks at a local dealer.

We stepped forward and created a new & great experience for our local boating Clientele! We come to You! We service and repair your outboard engine & boat on site! No more hauling it in or having to find a trailer to borrow to begin the haul!

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Your Satisfaction

Our reputation is the Life Blood of Tri County Mobile Marine. Referrals and word of mouth built our success we have as a company today.  We will always stand behind our work to ensure your satisfaction so that you tell your friends about Your Marine Mechanic!


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